FleishmanHillard combines local knowledge with the power of communications and resources of a global network.



Ryo Kanayama

Senior Vice President & Senior Partner


What is the power of communication?

It is the power to transcend any prejudice or conflict of interest and envision a future that we can all share.

It is the power to build trust relationship among people across different backgrounds or specialties.

It is the power to inspire and encourage people and drive a desired change on a larger scale and dimension.

It is such power of communication that we in Japan need to harness in a bid to emerge from its “long-term stagnation”.

By engaging people across existing boundaries and fostering positive change to their mindset and behavior,

Let’s unleash the potential of Japan as a place for people to prosper in all aspects including economy, society, and culture.


Our Philosophy

Being a highly ethical company is key to the FleishmanHillard corporate philosophy. We believe all of us play a role in delivering on that promise for our clients and each other.

To our clients who enlist us as trusted partners to help achieve their business objectives.

To our employees who deserve a best-in-class workplace.

To our parent company and its shareholders who have invested in us.

To our communities where we work and live.