Leadership Communications and Media Training

Our media training session is interactive. It includes a lecture on strategic relationship management through communication, and mock interviews to help ensure that journalists pick up your key messages and convey them to your appropriate stakeholders.

As a spokesperson, or a leader, effectively communicating your vision to your staff and other stakeholders is crucial. We will help you develop and define your key messages in a way that can also resonate with the media and target audiences.
After defining your message, we will then help you refine the techniques to communicate them effectively. We will cover techniques and skills including bridging and blocking through mock interviews. Another essential aspect is whether your non-verbal message and your message synchronized or not. Trainers will help you with this during the mock interviews.
Japan is still a print dominant country, and television is also significant in this market. We will provide an explanation about the unique aspects of the Japanese media landscape, including the main publication groups, press club system, and general tendencies and styles of local journalists.


Major components of the media Training:

    • Defining your key messages
    • Communicating your key messages
    • Media landscape in Japan
    • Synchronizing verbal and non-verbal messages